How much is your diagnostic fee and is it applied towards repair?
We have a $50 diagnostic charge that is paid up-front and is applied towards the total repair cost.
What is your turnaround time on units?
Most units can be diagnosed within one business week. Although, there are certain models that, maybe, at times, put under a waiting period either due to excess amounts of them coming in or due to factory backorders on parts.
Do you accept shipments and what are your policies?
Yes, we do accept shipments if they are packaged in the original manufacturers box and packaging. If you do not have the original box and packaging material, then you can take it to a local shipping store (eg. UPS, FedEx) and have them package it for you. Be sure to include your contact information and a brief description of the problem inside the box or in a packaging slip. Please give the shippers our email address located in the contacts page to send us free email confirmations of date shipped and received. If you end up packaging it yourself, be sure to use sufficient amounts of material to package it properly. We recommend using bubble wrap to wrap around the unit and Styrofoam to protect the walls. There must be a minimum of 2inches of space between all the walls of the box and the unit as required by most shipping companies. If you would like us to ship the unit back to you in the same box, then you must sign and fax this form back to us. If your unit arrives damaged, it will be sent directly back to you, so you can take care of it with your shipping company. If you are shipping a unit under warranty, then you must use the original manufacturers box and packaging in order to avoid any charges on shipment back. Please feel free to call us if you have any other questions/concerns regarding shipping.
What type of warranty do you offer on your work?
Our warranties vary on different units due to the companies offering different lengths of warranty on their parts. Standard warranty is 30 days on parts and 60 days on labor. Some brands offer longer warranty periods on their parts and we can only give you what they give us as we use the original manufacturer parts on our repairs.
Do you sell equipment and offer installation?
Yes, we do sell new and used equipment. You may come visit us at our store to see our used equipment. We can also get you any new equipment directly from the manufacturers with the manufacturers warranty. Visit our Services page and click on Products. We also offer installations. Contact us for our rates as they vary depending on your needs.
Do you offer in-home service?
Yes, we offer in home service. Our standard rates are $75 if your house is within 15 miles or 30 minutes away and $125 if within 30 miles or 1 hour away. Please contact us to get a more accurate quote as they may vary depending on your needs.
Do you work on older equipment?
Yes, we have experienced technicians that can work on older devices including record players, jukeboxes, amplifiers, BETA tape players, reel-to-reels, turntables, tube amps, and all other electronics devices.
What are your hours of operation?
Located in the Contacts page.